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Are you looking for Professional Headshot and Portrait services in Houston? Houston based Photographer Calvin Pennick JR services are perfect for Corporate Office Staff, Doctors Office, Attorneys, Realtors, and Actors. We offer high-quality photography for business professionals, marketing. branding, LinkedIn profiles, ERAS, Residency Applications, Fellowship Applications, and more. Photo sessions are available in our studios or on location and booking is easy online 24 hours a day.


Calvin Pennick JR Photography offers high-quality professional headshots, corporate headshots, executive portraits and personal portrait photography in Houston, Sugarland, The Woodlands, Spring, Pearland and surrounding areas. With a 5-star Google rating and glowing feedback from clients, you can trust him to capture your best angles in the most professional manner. Not only does he put you at ease, but he also brings out your most photogenic qualities. He can elevate your company's branding with outstanding photography services that will meet your company's needs.

Professional photography services have become a critical element of a company's branding, with staff photos making a significant impact on potential customers. Even individuals and small business owners now recognize the need to improve their online presence and personal branding, starting with their company websites and social media profiles. In today's digital age, quality photography is crucial for companies and individuals looking to leave a lasting impression on their audience. Professional Executive Portraits and Corporate Headshots are one of the most effective ways to ensure your company's online image is engaging and appealing. 



A compelling acting headshot is crucial in today’s digital age for actors to promote themselves and stand out amongst countless others. As the industry shifts towards more online submissions, it’s more important than ever to make a lasting impression. To ensure that your headshot catches the eye of casting directors and agents, it’s essential to choose a photographer that can showcase your unique personality and brand. With over 10 years of experience and a background in acting, Calvin Pennick JR Photography is a trusted name in the industry.


Calvin not only provides professional headshot tips for his clients, but he also offers valuable information about upcoming acting classes so that aspiring actors can further their careers. With a focus on making actors feel comfortable and confident, Calvin's goal is to provide his clients with the tools they need to succeed in the industry. Book your session today and take the first step towards kickstarting your acting career!


Graduation portraits have come a long way since the days of studio shots with a basic cap and gown. Senior pictures today are about capturing a student's unique personality and accomplishments in a way that feels authentic and engaging. The best contemporary graduation portraits showcase the senior's individual style, whether it's a classic, timeless look or something a bit more edgy. They also capture the excitement and energy of the moment, highlighting the graduate's sense of accomplishment and pride. With a focus on candid moments and natural poses, these portraits strive to tell a story about the graduate and celebrate their achievements in a way that feels both elegant and approachable. At the end of the day, the key to great cap and gown portraits is finding a photographer who can help bring the senior's vision to life, creating a stunning portrait that will be cherished for years to come.


In today's world of portrait photography, the focus is on capturing the personality and essence of the individual in a unique and personal way. Whether it's a personal portrait, family portrait, couple portrait or even a birthday photo shoot, the goal is to create an image that tells a story. Good contemporary individual portraits today are all about capturing the subject's personality and expression. A great portrait photograph should convey a sense of who the person is, and what they stand for. Every person is different, with unique features, expressions and personalities, and this is what makes portrait photography so fascinating and entertaining. With the right photographer, you can create an image that captures the essence of your subject and creates a personal and special moment frozen in time.


When it comes to building a brand, having a strong online presence is crucial. And nothing helps establish credibility quite like a professional headshot. However, not all photographers are equal in this realm. You don't want just a good photographer; you want someone who specializes in capturing that perfect headshot for your brand. Look for a photographer who understands the nuances of lighting, composition, and expression to present you in the best possible light. After all, your headshot is often the first impression potential clients will have of you, so make it count!


If you're in search of a talented and experienced professional headshot photographer in Houston, look no further than Calvin Pennick JR Photography. This guy is on fire! His 5-star Google reviews don't lie. What sets Calvin apart from other headshot photographers is his ability to make his clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their photo sessions. He's a natural at putting people at ease while capturing their best angles and expressions. Whether you need professional headshots for your business or just want some stunning shots for your portfolio, Calvin is the guy to call. He'll work with you to create the perfect images that showcase your unique style and personality. Don't take our word for it - check out his work online and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed! 

We are conveniently located near the Galleria, easily accessible from downtown. We proudly serve the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, including Sugarland, Mid-Town, The Heights, and The Woodlands. Get in touch with us today for portrait services that will enhance your professional image! 
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