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Same Day Services, Individuals, business, Staff and Group Headshots on location. LinkedIn Headshots, ERAS, Real Estate, Lawyer, and Doctor Headshots at affordable rates in Houston, Texas.



Calvin Pennick JR Photography takes the threat of COVID-19 seriously. All sessions are book online and a Covid-19 waiver must be filled out to complete your booking. Mask are optional in the studio in accordance with state law.

Need professional  business headshots for your staff or professional acting headshot?


Calvin Pennick JR Photography is a professional headshot and portrait photography studio serving Houston and surrounding areas and is located just off the Southwest Freeway making it conveniently located near Sugarland and easy to reach from the Galleria, the Richmond business district and downtown. Professional Photographer Calvin Pennick JR shoots Acting Headshots,  Staff, Group, Individual Business and Corporate Headshots.  He also shoots Executive, LinkedIn Headshots and Business Portraits. The Studio does Senior Graduation Pictures and Graduation Portraits, Family Portraits and Personal Portrait Photography Sessions. 

Affordability and Speed

Photography sessions are affordable and fast. You can book you session online and early morning and weekend session are available for busy professionals. Calvin Pennick JR Photography is one of Houston's Top Ten Professional Headshot and Portrait Photographers and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after professional headshot photographers and portrait photographer in Houston. Most individual business and corporate headshot photography sessions last only about 30 minutes and your images can be completed and delivered the same day. You are able to view your images as they are shot and chose the ones you like before you leave the studio. Calvin offers one and one service and he will be the person shooting your headshots. After about ten minutes in the studio you will understand why he has a 5 star rating on Google Business. Check out what people are saying about Calvin Pennick JR Photography Here. LOCATION AND REVIEWS.  

Knowledge and Customer Service

Not all photographers are good at the same things. Some professional photographers are better at weddings and some are not. Some studios are good at family portraits and others are good a corporate headshot photography. Don't undermine your business or individual brand by choosing the wrong type of photographer. When it comes to professional headshots you want a photographer that specializes in them. You wouldn't take a Honda to a Chevy dealer right? So why would you ask a wedding photographer to shoot your company's staff headshots. Calvin Pennick JR Photography studio focuses on professional headshots and professional portraits and you can be confident that your images will bring your company's brand to life.


Want more info about why you could benefit from professional headshots? Check out his Professional Headshots Guide Here >. Are you curious about what other people are doing for their corporate sessions and branding? Check out Pinterest. It's for great session ideas Here >.

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